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Alan Stuart Martin
527 N. Decatur Lane
Decatur, GA



About the Art  

How are the images created?

My work is an uncommon blend of traditional and digital photography, computer based graphics art software, and modern printing technology on a variety of media.

The tools I use are many. Adobe Photoshop is employed in a "digital darkroom" to process the photographic images, crop, manage color and print. Corel Painter, used in conjunction with a Wacom graphics tablet, provides me the ability to paint using a digital canvas. The pressure sensitive pad and stylus act as a paint brush and palette, while the computer monitor becomes the easel. The image making process goes far beyond simply applying "filters" to a digital photograph. I give each picture its own level of detail, shape and texture by combining free-form painting style with the numerous media types offered in Painter.  Epson pigment ink printers complete the process on a variety of papers and canvas that complement the details of the finished image.

Are the images computer generated?

In a word no; no more than an author uses a word processing application to write a novel. The computer does not generate a finished story, devise the plot, develop the characters or invent a surprise ending; it merely records the work of the writer. In the same way, I employ graphics and art software, pressure sensitive drawing tablets, and high technology printers to create my art.

Are the images manipulated?

Absolutely! Many traditional painters create beautiful landscapes which communicate their artistic vision of a scene, but the reality of a particular place may include modern visual pollution like cell phone towers or electric transmission lines. No painter hesitates to omit these offensive objects. What great artist is not guilty of "manipulating" the image by enhancing clouds in the sky or vibrant colors in a flower? Likewise, as a digital painter, I use my skills and imagination to create the most artful image I can; the same artistic elements found in any good painting are my goal.
About the Artist  
A native of Atlanta, Georgia, now residing in Decatur, my business career includes more than 30 years in banking, software development and project management. Over the years, I used photography as my creative outlet and more recently have dedicated time to pursue this interest. Now, I combine my love for photography and my desire to create using traditional art techniques, into the new medium of digital painting. My favorite subjects are found along coastal Georgia and the Carolina low country to the Southern Appalachians.


Copyright 2009 Alan Stuart Martin

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