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Alan Stuart Martin
527 N. Decatur Lane
Decatur, GA



Legal Notices  

All images on this site are copyrighted by Alan Stuart Martin (the artist). The copying, reproduction, or publication of any part of an image is prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by the artist.

All images are the original concept and work of the artist.   Each of the images is created using a variety of graphics software and tools designed to emulate actual art materials and processes. Any references on this site to a particular style of art such as watercolor, dry brush, acrylic, pastel, etc. are used to help describe a look as emulated by the computer software and do not represent or define specific media or materials used to create the image.  Some additional enhancements, using conventional art materials may be applied by hand to individual prints. 

All prints in the limited edition series, meet the following criteria: a print size greater than 100 square inches, individually signed, numbered, titled by the artist, produced using a high quality ink jet printing, and printed on premium grade papers or canvas.  Upon the printing of the final print in the limited edition series, the edition will be closed and no additional prints meeting the criteria of the series will be printed.  Other prints, smaller and unnumbered, are currently produced in open edition.  

The artist reserves all rights to publish, or license for publication, the image in other forms such as, but not limited to, note or greeting cards, posters, calendars or use in advertising.  The artist believes the print should only be purchased for aesthetic or decorative value.  The artist makes no guarantee or other representation as to any appreciation in the value of the print or its future desirability by art collectors or others.


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